Welcome to your flutiform k-haler training guide

Here, you’ll learn about your new flutiform k-haler and how to make sure you’re getting the medication you need to help you control your asthma every day. The flutiform k-haler may be different from other inhalers you’ve used in the past, so we’ve created an Interactive Guide and How to Use Video, to help you set up and use your new inhaler.

What is flutiform k-haler?

Your interactive guide

How to use your flutiform k-haler video

Download the Patient Information Leaflet

Get to know your flutiform k-haler and the medicine

Practice the steps you should follow to correctly set up and use your flutiform k-haler  every day

Watch how to set up and use your  flutiform k-haler

Download and read information about your medicine including setting up, using and looking after your flutiform k-haler